Threading Facial Hair Remover

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Threading Facial Hair Remover does quick and painless hair removal from your facial area. Pulls many hair at a time leaving your skin feeling smooth in no time.

Easy on the skin, easy to use, painless and mess-free.

You can treat areas much faster than you can with tweezers, and the ouch-free technology makes it the obvious winner over waxes and epilators.

Safe for all skin types, and produces results without damaging the skin.

Compact in size, easy to store and ready to travel wherever you go. 

The tool features ergonomic, easy-to-grip handles to make it very easy to maneuver.

You'll get flawless results with the very first use!

Stop spending hours plucking hair with tweezers. Rid yourself of the redness that comes with depilatories and bleaches and kiss the pain of wax and epilator goodbye.

Remove facial hair the ouch-less way and get silky smooth skin that lasts for weeks!

It will pull hair from the roots and won't grow back. 

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