Liquid vs. Powder Makeup

With great power comes great responsibility. And with a great number of choices comes great difficulty in making the right choice. There are so many makeup options available in the market that making a decision can be quite overwhelming. One of the most troubling of these choices is the one between liquid and powder makeup. Let’s take a look at both to make the decision easier.


Liquid Makeup

Liquid makeup tends to work quite well for most skin types. There are a vast number of options available from sheer to full coverage making it suitable for various occasions. Liquid makeup tends to perform well if you want to add a little shine to your face. It is easier to apply it to the face by using your fingers which gives a natural look, than to use a brush which may leave unseemly streaks behind. Liquids can also be applied by the use of sponges which result in a natural and diffused look.

Liquid makeup softens the skin and gives it a hydrated appearance which bodes well for those with the dry skin type. Liquids can also be blended quite easily and work well on more mature skin. Since liquid makeup doesn’t sit in the lines of the skin, it can help in concealing wrinkles. If you have acne problems, consider using liquids since it gives more coverage. In addition to this, once the liquid makeup has been allowed to settle, you can use powder makeup on top of it. If you only have heavy coverage liquid makeup with you and want to go for a sheer application, you can easily add some moisturizer or even water for a lighter result.

However, liquid makeup doesn’t stay put in warm weather conditions and may melt off of your face.


Powder Makeup

Unlike liquids, powders usually offer sheer coverage. So, if you want a natural look with minimal makeup, powders are a great bet. If you want a full coverage, you might have to spare additional time to add more layers to your face. Unfortunately, this may also make your skin look cakey, so choose and apply wisely! Unlike liquids, powder makeup doesn’t slide off of your face in warm weather, which makes it a great option to use during the summer season.

Powder makeup doesn’t work well for people with dry or mature skin. It can settle into lines and wrinkles, and robs the skin of its moisture making dry skin appear even drier. It is suitable for oily skin types, however, care must be taken while using it; an uneven application can cause the powder to form lumps. On the plus side, powder makeup absorbs oil and results in a pristine finish. It is even easier to blend powder makeup than it is to blend liquid, and building up layers of different shades is extremely easy and quick. If your skin’s on the sensitive side, you’d benefit from using powder makeup.


Both types have their shares of pros and cons, and ultimately the decision to choose one will depend on the skin typ

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