How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin


Has your foundation ever made your skin look ghostly or even cakey? Fear not, we’ve all been down that road at some point in our lives. With so many options of foundations to choose from, you’d think selecting the right one would be easy. It would be, were it not for the multitude of concerns you need to address before you find the flawless foundation your skin so richly deserves. So, to make things easier, let’s navigate this treacherous road together.


First Things First, Let’s Talk Skin Tones

We all know how we’re supposed to shade-test the foundation we’re buying on our forearms right? Well, yes, and no. The skin on this part of our body tends to be a little darker than our face. So, it’s better to test the shade on our face instead. Look for a shade that matches the natural colour of your complexion. Foundation tends to get darker the longer you wear it as it oxidizes and mixes with the natural oils on your face. Therefore, choosing one shade lighter than the colour of your skin is a safe bet.


Next up, Undertones

Undertones refers to the natural hue of your skin. Most people belong to one of the three undertone groups; warm, cool, and neutral. If you have a warm hue, go for a foundation that has yellow undertones and pink undertones if you have a cool natural hue. People with neutral undertones have won the lottery, and for them, all hues are safe bets.


Finally, Skin Types

When it comes to choosing the perfect foundation to complement your skin, skin types play a major role. Whether you have an oily skin or a dry one, an unsuitable foundation can make or break your entire look. Let’s break the process down by skin types.


Dry Skin

With a dry skin, you want to go for a hydrating liquid foundation to breathe life back into your moisture deprived skin. Before applying the foundation however, you might want to consider adding a primer to give your skin a healthy glow. Use a powder foundation with care as it may worsen your skin’s dry and flaky texture.


Oily Skin

As in the case of dry skin, oily skin types can benefit from the use of a primer as well. This type however, needs a mattifying touch so that excess oils can be absorbed. Once the skin is clean and dry, apply a matte foundation. Oily skin types should handle powder foundations with care as it may appear clumpy. Instead, opt for pressed powders for a finish.


Combination Skin

A cross between dry and oily skin, this skin type is the best (or worst depending on how you look) of both worlds. Before applying a foundation, these skin types should moisturize the dry areas, and use a mattifying primer for oily areas on the face. A matte liquid foundation can work wonders for these skin types as it reduces oiliness, and doesn’t suck the moisture from the dry patches.

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